Proud Sponsors of Streamz FC

NeoCR sponsors Streamz FC, a local Saturday league football team, with a heart and desire to assist not just young people, but people of all ages and backgrounds.  It’s a platform built on the desire to add value to the community and beyond in relation to their careers, employment, knowledge and wellbeing. 

About Streamz

streamzStreamz runs a number of projects to support the community. In terms of employment, they are presently running the t4e programme to support the unemployed (25 and over) back into work and run an annual careers event.

They have the ‘Move Up’ project (starting in the school academic year, 2014) to assist young people to make strong links with the subjects they study at school and careers. Streamz will also be running the r4e to support 16-24 year olds back into work.

Why not be involved in the work Streamz is doing? There are several ways you could be of support to the organisation, from volunteering to signing up for a newsletter to make a donation to the work they do.

Find out more about Streamz

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